Sunday, October 20, 2013

Photo of the day - Argentina

Taking in the breathtaking and mesmorizing Iguazu Falls.

This is my fifth and last post on trying to figure out my mixed feelings heart and where I'll live pre-World Cup and my start of expat living. If you missed my past photos of the day, check them out here: BrazilPeru, Ecuador, and Chile!

Oh Argentina, how I love you! Argentina has everything. City life, the tango, incredible nature, the Andes mountains, Patagonia, and a short flight away from the Falklands and Antarctica! 

I loved Argentina from the start (well I've loved every country I've been to from the start!) and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. I enjoyed the beef, the asados, sharing yerba mate with locals, dancing the tango, trekking and rappelling in the Andes, and so on! With so much to offer, Argentina would be a great expat destination for me!

*Although I haven't posted about every country in South America, I'm still considering those ones as well!*

Out of the 5 countries I posted about this week - Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, and Argentina - Which country leaves you wanting to learn more?