Friday, June 28, 2013

About Love A Traveler!


     Thank you for stopping by my blog, Love A Traveler! My name is Reima and I am from Los Angeles, California. I just got married in December of 2014 and I currently live in Orange County, CA. I grew up with the huge love of learning. I wanted to know how everything worked and thrilled to try new activities with every chance I had been given. Although I had travel to new places on my mind growing up, I never thought it would happen. 

     As a young one growing up, I always felt out of place. That I didn't fully know who I was or what I wanted to strive for. Sure I was open-minded and got along with everyone, but something was missing. I couldn't quite figure it out. I just know I wanted the best for everyone. Even as an adult now, I like to make sure everyone is happy and do my part in this world to make it a better place. Always there for everyone and helping in any way I can without expecting anything in return. But at the same time, I think I wanted something different in life... 

     I lived in a suburban city here in North Los Angeles where it was important to go to school, get your degree, get married, and start your own family. Travel really isn't held highly over here so it was something I thought I'd have to let go of. That it would never happen. Until 2008, when I saw a friend post about wanting to travel with someone. Without thinking, I sent her a message. Count me in.

     In early 2009, I set off for my first adventure out of the country. I wanted to do things differently so we headed to Argentina and Brazil. As soon as I stepped foot out of the Buenos Aires International Airport, that's when I knew what I was meant to do. I finally found where I belong. It was something that I had been searching for my whole life. And that is one of the best feelings in the world.

     Ever since then, all I do is breath, sleep, and eat travel. Yes, I said eat! :-) I have a huge passion for travel. The adventure. The people. Culture. Sights and Sounds. The various cuisines. The languages. How life is lived in different parts of the world. Everything about it makes me feel alive. The exciting part is now I can continue to share my love of traveling with you, my fellow traveler, and my husband!

Please follow me as I write about everything travel, share my photos and experiences, and how I fell in love and continue to fall in love with the world.



You can find me on:

Instagram: loveatraveler

Countries I've Been To:

Galapagos Islands
Roatan, Honduras
Costa Rica
South Korea

Where I last traveled to?

Mexico City, Avandaro, and Metepec - May 2015 

Next destination?
Turkey and Lebanon in July 2015!

Currently looking into Africa for Fall 2015
How I blog?

I write with my heart. Anything that is on my mind. Sticking to the topics of: travel, world cuisines, and expat living. What I will not do is tell anyone where to go and what to do on their travel adventures. I follow my own path when I go on adventures and I hope to inspire you to make your own path as well. :-) If you ever have any comments or questions, please contact me! I want to hear what you have to say. :)

***I'm open to spreading the love and sharing. I am looking for equal exchange of blog ads and social media. I am not blogging for money. I blog to inspire and share my experiences. If you are interested in advertisement slot exchange, please let me know!***

Get to know me!


  • The only way I'll go on a tour is if it involves: climbing mountains, adventure, and cooking!
  • Hostels are my top choice for sleep arrangements
  • I use only one backpack. My current backpack: Tortuga (I'll review it soon!)
  • I am better at finding my way around in another country than in my own state!
  • I have never used a map!
  • Only when I travel I can get 3 hours of sleep and still wake up with enough energy to start the new day! At home... not so much!
  • A lot of my last minute travel decisions have made for even more amazing memories
  • My hair, in my opinion, looks and feels better when I'm traveling than when I am home! Why is that??? :)
  • I love to wear TOMS when I travel. Comfortable and easy to pack!
  • I have my own small fleece blanket that I take with me on trips. Not just for the airplane but for hostels or buses or anything where it may be too cold or no covers.
  • I try not to eat the same meal twice on one trip. One, because I like to keep the first experience in mind and two, so I can save room for a new dish to try! I have broken this rule only one many times. The honeymoon got me good!
  • I don't miss my car when I travel!
  • I use the app: Postgram to send my own postcards to my family
  • I am participating in the project!
  • As for collecting things, I like to buy one thing for myself that is handmade and represents each country I travel to.
  • I may be sporty and a backpacker, but I love my heels and dresses as well!
  • I currently am a stay at home wife, travel researcher, blogger, and currently working on my fun business called Tastefully Global...coming soon!
  • I was a High School Cross Country Coach for one year and I absolutely loved it!
  • I also worked for a sugar company and we were trying to get the product on store shelves. It's sugar that tastes almost exactly like regular sugar and it's perfect for diabetics and those watching their sugar intake!
  • I was a Preschool Teacher for 5 years and a Mentor Counselor for Elementary school kids for 3 years from 2004-2013 before I changed paths in preparation of the expat life! I may not be a parent yet, but I feel like I was one to over 100+ children! I learned a lot from this amazing education field.
  • I grew up with the huge love to play all games and most sports. I prefer running, soccer, football, biking, hiking, rappelling, trekking, and swimming, to name a few.
  • I love Venice Beach, California!
  • I love all of California's beaches! :)
  • I am almost fluent in Spanish, learning Mandarin Chinese now, know a little Arabic (I understand it better than speaking), and a few words in Japanese and Korean. I want to be multi-lingual!
  • I love to cook, bake, and eat. I enjoy having fun in the kitchen and could be in there all day!
  • I like trying new things. Gotta try everything at least once!
  • I highly recommend laser hair removal! Yeah, I said it! :)
  • I wish they'd make more comfortable and affordable high heel shoes!
  • I enjoy listening to: 80's, rock, alternative, and dance music
  • My favorite TV shows are: Modern Family, The Voice, Shark Tank, and after a few seasons away, I'm coming back to Grey's Anatomy.
  • I love sunflowers and red roses
  • I love turtles!
  • And my favorite thing is travel. I don't have actual favorite 'things'. I care more about people and trying to help do my part to make this world a better place.
  • And of course I love my best friend and travel husband! He supports me in everything I do and means the world to me!