Friday, August 22, 2014

Travelers Giving Back

Without further adieu, I introduce you to my fundraising page:
I feel so strongly about giving back to the world what it gives me every time I take my first steps in every country I've been in the past and the countries I cannot wait to explore in the future! I grew up with the huge love of wanting to help others and give in as many ways as I can: my time, money, clothes, shoes, food, etc! I believe when you give to the world without expecting anything in return, that is the greatest gift one can get!
Like I mentioned in a previous post, when I travel, I always give food, snacks, money/change, and sometimes the clothes off my back when I see an opportunity that would benefit another human being. I just thought that if I opened up my fundraising page, it would give the opportunity for those to either help me out and give as well, encourage others to do the same when they travel, or spread awareness of delving deeper into our travels and stepping out of our comfort zones!
There are tons of travelers in this world that board daily flights to explore the many breathtaking parts of this world and I know not one person returns to their homeland without a sense of change after experiencing life in a different part of the world.
This is how Travelers Giving Back will work:
I will keep everyone up to date of my travels and when I'll be heading out to a country through my Facebook page: Love A Traveler, Twitter: loveatraveler, Instagram: loveatraveler, and my fundly page (link above and left side panel!). That's when I will let anyone know I will be taking all proceeds and donated items to the country with me. I will research a neighborhood, local children and/or adult organization, or even someone I come across of my travels itself. I will post, mention, and show where all the proceeds and donations will go. That's important for both me and those who are giving to show that you can trust Travelers Giving Back and see where your heart is helping others.
For those who are in the state of California, I will hold garage sales and bake sales and have 100% of the proceeds go straight to my charity travels. You can participate by mailing in your donations or even joining me in helping making a difference in the lives of others!
For those located in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, I can mail treats if you are interested (I make pretty tasty treats, if you are wondering!;) and of course can mail in anything you no longer use to support this worthy cause of sharing love with the world!
If you are a fellow traveler and would like to partner up, LET ME KNOW! There are so many travelers out there and I hope to come together with you and everyone to make this happen and become alive! The more partners, the more places we can reach and make a difference!
I hope that I am able to inspire just one person to click on my fundraising link above, check out my page, donate, and share with everyone they know! It's my way of saying thank you to every country that teaches me certain things that I can't get anywhere else or in my own hometown. And if not, I hope I have inspired you to give back when you jet off to new lands in search of new beginnings, lessons, sites, and inspiration!
Thank you for your time and I hope you will join me in making the world a happy place, one travel at a time!
~Reima, Love A Traveler 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Giving Back to the World

If you haven't already, check out my Facebook page and like it! Link is on this page.:)
Lately I've been seeing what's going on in this world and it makes me want to make a change for myself. If I can make one person happy, that'll be the best feeling in the world!
"Charity begins at home, but should not end there." - Thomas Fuller
Usually when I travel, I always try to give as much as I can to anyone in need, whether it be any snacks or treats I have, food that I'd like to share, or clothes off my back or in my backpack.
But I feel like I can do more. I want to do more. I need to do more.
"You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you." - John Bunyan
This is exactly what I just posted on my Facebook page:
"I saw this photo posted on Instagram and it got me thinking. It got me thinking that I want and need to do more. Usually when I travel, I always end up giving my snacks or food to people in need through every country I've been to. Sometimes... if I have extra clothes I will give them as well.
But I know and can do more. I want to. It's in my heart to do so. So I wanted to throw this idea out there. What would you prefer me to do:


What's your opinion or thoughts on this? I give to US charities when I get involved with my running events and currently looking into volunteering my time to food banks and such around the Los Angeles area, but it's important to me to also support the world when I am in their country, especially because I am a
#globalcitizen and consider the world my home. I want to give back to the world because the world gives so much back to me through lessons and experiences in each unique country I've been to.

Would you like to help out with this? Let me know! Please pass this message on to anyone you think would be interested or share this on your own wall to get the word around! Spread the word around!

#love #passion #givebacktoyourcommunity #charity #world #mothernature #people #travel #loveatraveler #help #traveler #solofemaletraveler #expat #globetrotter #spreadtheword"
Please comment below, tweet me, email me, or get on my Facebook and let me know your thoughts and opinions on this! Is there another way I should go about doing this? Any advice you may have?
1) Should I set up an online account for strictly the charity? Paypal, perhaps or anything out there I haven't seen?
2) I'm open to items that will be donated to be dropped off or mailed to my address.
3) As far as the bake sale, I am passionate about both baking and cooking. ;) It may be a local idea (Southern California) but I have before and could mail goodies all in the name of charity! I promise the treats will be worth it! I'd stick to US/Canada/Mexico, and maybe other countries, depending on shipping costs.
4) Anything else I'm missing or need to consider?
5) If you'd like to get involved and/or partner up, contact me! I'd love to work with anyone who wants to do their part to make this world a better place!
The trips I currently have planned are:
October 2014
January-February 2015
South Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and uncertain but likely: Indonesia and Laos
Not planned yet but looking into more of Mexico, Central America, South America, and the southern part of Africa
"It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving." - Mother Teresa
I hope that this will challenge everyone to help me give to those in need and/or encourage anyone to do this themselves when they are off exploring other countries. It's my way of showing how much I care about the world and appreciate what I'm given through experiences and lessons as I trek on through each country I explore.
Stay tuned as I continue to work on making this happen. Again, please spread the word and let me know if you would like to help or partner up. Thank you!
"For attractive lips, speak words of kindness. For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people. For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry. For beautiful hair, let a child run their fingers through it once a day. For poise, walk with knowledge that you never walk alone.
People, more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed. Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you will find one at the end of each of your arms. As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself and the other for helping others." - Sam Levenson

Monday, June 16, 2014

World Cup Craziness

I LOVE the World Cup! I grew up playing and loving soccer. I got the soccer genes from my dad. ;) So when the World Cup comes up every 4 years, I get distracted, hence why I have been MIA! So with this said...

Do you watch the World Cup?
Who are you rooting for?
Who's your favorite player?
Have you been to a live World Cup game?
What are your thoughts on any of the games you've seen so far?
How are you liking (or not liking!) the Refs?
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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Finding Inspiration!

I'm sorry my fellow travel friends! It's been A WHILE since I've been around. I've been spending more time in California and since I've been here longer than expected, I haven't had much inspiration for travel and hit a snag.

----- For now, you can follow me on Instagram: loveatraveler for my favorite travel shots AND while I'm not traveling, you can follow me on my personal account: reeeeeeeems for inspiration on food and things to do in California! -----

What's going on in my life at the moment?

Weellllllllllll....I'm looking for a job. My original plan had me teaching English in either South America or Asia, but sometimes plans change! ;) All I'll say is so far I am happy and I think I have just met my travel match/partner.

He is a traveler and has been to places that I haven't been that we'll just have to go to AGAIN! Don't want to jump the gun yet and get to excited but that is the main reason why I'm still here.

Don't you worry though! I am still my happy travel lover self and I see plenty of destinations in my future!

Next Destination?

Not sure yet BUT I turn 30 in February 2015 and it has been my dream to go all over Africa at or before I turn the wonderful young age of 30! So we'll see if that will happen! But I may forsee other travel adventures before then. Maybe Lebanon in the summer time, perhaps? I'll let you all in when plans are set. :)

Keep your travel dreams alive my travel buds!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Throwing it back to the most +1'd posts!

Excuse my absence. Partially my fault. Half of it was because I was sick --either the cold or the flu, allergies, and chest pain! :/ I guess after going 10 months without being sick, it had to hit me hard, huh? ;) And the other half was because of my travel sickness and blank canvas. Had a hard time figuring out a topic, so I decided to take a step back, recollect my thoughts, and then come back feeling refreshed. I don't like to write when I don't know what to say! Has this happened to you?

So while I have been collecting my thoughts, I looked back on some of my old posts from Peace.Love. and Blueberries., I didn't realize how high some of these posts were +1'd! I was happy :) to see that! So I thought I'd put them up here to share with you all.

1) Shrimp and Nectarine Stir Fry +1'd 7,709 times!

It's that simple! I love fruit and seafood together. They marry beautifully. If you are a lover of the kitchen, get in there and sample this!

2) After traveling... +1'd 7,709 times!

Silly that this post was right after my Ecuador and Chile adventure. I made a butterfly cake for a friend and then I show you all my favorite restaurant in Southern California- North Los Angeles area - Carnival!

3) 3 Cities in Ecuador +1'd 5,038 times!

My favorite eats that I indulged in the lovely Ecuador.

4) Beautiful Landscape +1'd 306 times!

One of the many reasons why I loved Bolivia ----the landscape --the views! Just awe-inspiring.  Everything there is breathtaking. This is just one of my favorite shots in the mountains.

How I feel looking back on these posts? My writing style is a lot different now! :-p It's fun to look back and see how I used to write!!

Do you ever look back on your past posts and notice anything different between then and now? :)