Monday, December 2, 2013

Photo of the Day - Guatemala

La Nariz de Indio - Indian Nose, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
The year is coming to an end and I thought it would be great to post a picture from Guatemala, since I was there around this time last year! This is me on top of the Indian Nose mountain watching the incredible sun rise while sitting on a very unstable deck on top of the mountain! Yikes!
Norrmally I do not like taking guided tours, but when it comes to any sort of nature activity, I put my likings aside and I go with a guide -- who happens to be taking other people too! I'm known to trip and such so I'd say it's wise of me to make the smart decision to go with a guide!
The guide picked me up around 3:45am and we walked through the empty and calm town of San Pedro to meet up with the others, grab a bus, and go to the bottom of Cerro Cristalino. It is freezing around that time and pitch black! Bring a flashlight --- I repeat ---- bring a flashlight!! For some strange reason, I left my flashlights in my bag back at the hostel because I don't think I would need was a foolish thing to do!
Bring warm clothes, snacks, and plenty of water. The hike is about 1 1/2-2 hours to climb. I think it took us under 2 hours total. It actually went by quickly. The mountain is really steep and unsafe if you do not bring a flashlight! The guides and a couple others had flashlights so I tried to remain near someone who had light but it was still a difficult climb when you cannot see.
The walk down the mountain was the most surprising because it's light outside and you realize that you were very lucky to not have fallen when you see how small the path was! I'd say anyone can do this hike, in-shape or out-of-shape. Just take your time and you'll be fine.
As for the sunrise, it was magical. And just so incredible to see overlooking the other volcanoes and the wonderful Lake Atitlan. You literally just sit there and stare at it --mesmorized by its beauty. If you ever head to Guatemala and Lake Atitlan, I highly recommend this hike up to the Indian Nose.