Saturday, December 7, 2013

Photo of the Day - Chile

There are all these posts I have in mind that I've been wanting to write about but I have to memorize a long page of Chinese characters for my oral final exam coming up in my Chinese class, so for now I'm posting a wonderful picture of SNOW in the Andes! 

I am also currently working on a post for "Things you have found on your travels that you must have but can't get in your hometown!" Please contact me if you fall under this category! :)) There must be something you have found that you loved but can't get it anywhere else! I'm posting your response in a future blog post so it's a win situation for YOU and a free ad! :)

Flying into Santiago, Chile, I managed to capture a beautiful picture of the snowy Andes mountains.
For the people living above the Equator, winter is HERE and I might add, early, for us Southern Californians not used to these freeeezing temps! I am in love with this weather! Rain. Clouds. Cool temperatures. Snow is falling everywhere...EXCEPT where I live! But I figured what better picture to show during my favorite season. :)
Although I am not a snowboarder or skiier....more like an avid snow player, :) Chile is known for good fun with their mountains full of snow for those who are interested in these types of activities. Maybe something to consider this coming summer? Remember, their winter is June-August so plan wisely and get out there!