Saturday, August 17, 2013

Food Challenge #1

So I started Challenge #1: Going beef-less for 30 days today!

I had to keep in mind that I'm working out almost everyday so had to keep some protein in my diet. Besides, if I had taken them all away, the 30th day lands after Lobsterfest: and it's only once a year. I sure was not going to miss out!
Why am I doing this?
I LOVE beef but usually I don't eat much of it. Just once in a while is fine for me. But lately I've been eating more of it and usually when I eat something, I try to consider the future. Beef has its PROS (high iron, zinc, vitamins and minerals, high protein, and etc) but it also has its CONS (High cholesterol, high risk of cancer, certain diseases, Saturated fats, Osteoporosis, Arthritis, and etc).
Sorry to scare you with the facts, but it's out there! It doesn't stop me from eating it, but it allows me to make better choices when I do eat it.
So I'm doing this to cut down on how much red meat I eat but also for health and cholesterol reasons. Low cholesterol = low chance of heart disease and living longer!
What am I hoping to accomplish?
For health reasons and to have better self control and learn to eat less of it. Of course I would never turn down a good filet mignon (I will if it's during these 30 days!), but I will eat better now for a great future ahead.
Now I want to challenge YOU! Yes, YOU! Do you think you can give up red meat for 30 days?
You can start today and quit cold turkey or pick your own day and take charge of your health!
Comment below if you'd like to join, leave your starting date, and on day 30, post your experience, how you felt, changes in weight, or notice anything good or bad?
I wish you all GOOD LUCK!