Friday, November 1, 2013

The best thing I ever ate in....

Happy TGIFun Friday! All I can think about today is food so I thought I'd put together the best thing I ever ate on my travels list!


 Carne Asada from a street parilla. The smell made me get off the bus while the bus driver was making his way back on the bus to get the show on the road. I begged for two more minutes and he just smiled! He knew. That's how good the smell was and how much I had to have it. 

Of course I have to have my flan and te con leche. My weakness!

     Dulce de leche is another must in Argentina

Mate. Mate. Mate. When someone offers you their mate, you better not say no!

 And you can't go to Argentina and not eat their steak.


Pumpkin Bean Soup. So hearty. Comforting. Simply amazing.

 Pirarucu a Baiana. Years later and I still remember its taste.
I preferred and enjoyed the Northern Brazil cuisine. I felt I could really dig into the Brazilian culture. That I was really eating food made from someone's heart. And of course...

 Have açaí any way that you can.


 Camarones al ajillo. Yesss.

The Galápagos Islands

Jugo de tomate arbol. No picture sadly, but introduced to the tree tomato on the islands. Surprisingly sweet and quite enjoyable to drink.

 Very fond of the fresh albacore tuna steaks.


 Machas a la Parmesana

 Patagonian Lamb

 Harina Tostada (Toasted Corn) Gelato


Not making a decision yet due to not enough exploration. Next time! :-)


 I spent most of my time near the Caribbean so I really just appreciated the fresh seafood.


In Central America, I loved the seafood the most.

Costa Rica

Shrimp and Fried Red Snapper.

 Agua de coco fresca


(Not pictured)A plate full of seafood. Fish. Shrimp. Scallop. Baby Octopus. Mussels. It went straight to my heart.

I discovered a fruit here that I never had before: Makapruim. They call it the "Spanish plum" but I think it's a mix between a grape and a mango! The outside skin is thin like a grape but the skin is that of a mango. The inside of the fruit is orange like a mango but with the texture of a grape. I enjoyed popping these into my mouth!

Mexico City

I need to dig a little deeper for my Mexico City pictures but pretty much everything I ate there was delicious. Mexican food hasn't tasted the same to me ever since.


 Fried fish and Ispi with purple potato and corn

 Sopa de mani. Really, all the food was wonderful and homey in Bolivia. Al paca was another treat.


Everything. Seriously one of the best cuisines in the world. Yes, I said it! Here's just a few dishes to drool over.

 Lomo Saltado

 Meat and potato on a stick. My choice was llama. Served with salsa.

 Peruvian ceviche

Chicha Morada. I'm very fond of this drink and make it quite often now.


Falafel. Fluffy and made to perfection.



Really just loved the street fruit and corn.

You can't go to Egypt and not partake in drinking mint tea.


Need more time to explore. Of course the food is amazing there!


It's just as simple as pollo asado, tortillas y cebolla. Made with love.

Food is just better when it is made with the heart.

What's the best thing you ever ate in.....(answer below)!