Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wacky Wednesday!

So I thought I'd pose this question that you've probably been asked before at least once in your life..
If you were stuck on a deserted island, what 5 things would you have?
Think about it carefully before you answer. :)
The reason why I'm posing this question is because I'm currently experiencing an 'I don't know what to write' moment and I figured, why not? It's Wacky Wednesday! I like asking random questions that make you think! Maybe I'll do this every Wednesday? 
I've been pretty caught up with my current job. My high schoolers are now starting school and now I've been catching up with ordering their uniforms for Cross Country and planning their crazy running schedule! I'm now taking a break from the working world and am LOVING my current job as a High School Boys and Girls Cross Country Coach. Best 'taking a break' job ever! (I was a Pre-Kindergarten Teacher for 8 years and I miss my little ones like crazy!) But I needed more room for travel.
Anyway, I'm also posing this question because my friend joked about it the other day and it brought back my memories of being stuck on Yandup Island in San Blas, Panama. It wasn't a joke then! I used to live this question up until I experienced it for myself.
This is a true story.
You're noticing the cloudy weather and the bumpy boat ride to your island destination.

Ah my chubby cheeks! I've leaned out since then!!
Nevertheless, excited to spend time on a beautiful island. A bit cloudy but hoping for the best.

 Then all of a sudden it starts to rain.
Relaxing in my rain soaked hammock listening to the sound of the beautiful rain. I am definitely a rain girl. Not a usual 'Southern California' thing. And that's what makes me unique. :)
And it got extremely windy. Taking a chance and walking around the island in this weather would mean experiencing flying for the first time!

Now when I travel, I have my usual deck of cards, word searches, sudoku games, and journal. But one can only play with those for so long before you either: a) get a headache b) get hungry or c) get bored!
And knowing me, I have a hard time sitting still! I'm an explorer. I love learning knew things. Experiencing places I've never been before. And I only play with my deck of cards, word searches, and sudoku games when I'm on the airplane!
So after a little awhile, I was getting antsy! So I wandered around...
I found a coconut! Coconuts + Reima = love. :)

I named it 'Wilson'!
Well I tried to crack this coconut open for I'd say at least 40 minutes with no tools. I couldn't do it! And gave up.
I ended up wandering around but the wind was taking no prisoners. The rain was getting heavier. Although the island was still incredibly beautiful to me, I could no longer walk around. This island is very small and there weren't many other people here so pretty much deserted. The tour guides and people who work on this island live on other islands so no one was really around.
Later that night at dinner, they told us unless the weather changes, the flights were going to be cancelled and we'd have to spend another day there. I was only able to stay for one day/night on Yandup, mainly due to funds at the time, so it was not fun having to pay another night when I was already on a tight budget! Fortunately, they gave me a discount.
Which I ended up paying because the next day, the plane didn't arrive. Glad this day was a little better. The water calmed down and all us survivors on the island were taken to another island to explore and see some locals and how they live.

Ukupseni Island. These beautiful boys playing my favorite game, soccer, even after the storm.
This was the highlight of my second day on the island and so thankful that we were able to explore another island while the weather was still gloomy.
That night, it rained again. This time I was extremely worried because I was actually supposed to be in Bocas del Toro at the time, missed my flight to Bocas del Toro, and the next day I had a flight to Costa Rica to meet up with a friend.
Next day came and we went back to Playon Chico in hopes that the plane would come.
I needed to explore one more time, so I crossed the bridge that was between Playon Chico and the nearest island.

I was about to give up hope and then there was the sound. The sound of a plane flying above! It was here!
Grabbed my backpack and hopped onto the plane. I made it! Survived! Before we got back to Panama City, the plane made a stop on another island to pick up some other passengers.
It was one of the saddest sites I have ever seen. There were only 3 spots left on this small plane but there were at least 25 people arguing about who would get those three spots. All these people were stuck on their island as well! After some time, they chose the family with two children to get on the plane. I wished the plane had been big enough for everyone.
So after this experience, I NEVER joked about being stuck on an island ever again! And I still haven't.
I was only stuck for two days.
The San Blas islands are a beautiful place and I'm thankful I got to stay there but I'd suggest bringing a friend just in case this happens again! Don't go alone. :) Besides the fact I have more opinions about these islands and the people here. I'll save that for another day.
This occurred in the month of December 2011.
Now, with all this said and after much thought, I think these are the 5 things I'd have on a deserted island:
(remember, there is NO internet access/technology!)
1) Flashlight/Extra batteries
2) A knife (for the coconuts and fish/seafood I've caught after fishing!)
3) Fire Metal Match Starter
4) A journal with plenty of paper/pens
5) Marshmallows - My guilty pleasure! 
What's on your list?