Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Finding Inspiration!

I'm sorry my fellow travel friends! It's been A WHILE since I've been around. I've been spending more time in California and since I've been here longer than expected, I haven't had much inspiration for travel and hit a snag.

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What's going on in my life at the moment?

Weellllllllllll....I'm looking for a job. My original plan had me teaching English in either South America or Asia, but sometimes plans change! ;) All I'll say is so far I am happy and I think I have just met my travel match/partner.

He is a traveler and has been to places that I haven't been that we'll just have to go to AGAIN! Don't want to jump the gun yet and get to excited but that is the main reason why I'm still here.

Don't you worry though! I am still my happy travel lover self and I see plenty of destinations in my future!

Next Destination?

Not sure yet BUT I turn 30 in February 2015 and it has been my dream to go all over Africa at or before I turn the wonderful young age of 30! So we'll see if that will happen! But I may forsee other travel adventures before then. Maybe Lebanon in the summer time, perhaps? I'll let you all in when plans are set. :)

Keep your travel dreams alive my travel buds!