Monday, September 2, 2013

Photo of the Day - Brazil

The Amazon River, Manaus, Brazil
Is there one place you just have to see? The one place you have dreamed about your whole life? Of course you want to see the whole world, but there's just this one place that you need to see. With your eyes. In person.
Well that place for me was the Amazon. I can't even tell you who told me about it back in elementary school or if I learned about it but since ELEMENTARY school, I have been dreaming about the Amazon. I was fascinated by the river, by the rainforest, by the endless adventure possibilities. I just had to go there. While I had been dreaming about the Amazon my whole life, I never really thought it would happen.
But you know what? Dreams do come true when you work hard and you set goals.
My first trip out of the country was Argentina and Brazil and I made darn sure I was going to go to the Amazon.
The biodiversity here. The beauty. The natural fruit and medicines here. Endless rainforest. Beautiful people. Just magnificent.
My goal now is to see it in every country it runs through.
So far I have:
This is the one place you need to really see for yourself.